The LANGUAGE HELPER – communicating through pictogrammes

The LANGUAGE HELPER – communicating through pictogrammes.

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Download the PDF version of LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE and print it, for personal use only and free-of-charge. The use of LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE for commercial purposes is prohibited. If you are interested in quality print version of the booklet, please contact us.

The LANGUAGEHELPER-REFUGEE helps you to get started in a new language and culture

The LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE aims to help you find your feet in a new language and culture, and assist you in communicating, behaving appropriately, getting around easily, and preventing conflict. 

LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE helps migrants and refugees of any status to communite on the spot, thus preventing misapprehension and consiberably enhancing peaceful cooperation.
As communication helper it is designed mainly as a handy pocket-size booklet designed for those who do not own a mobile phone, don´t have internet access or whose phone batteries run low. By pointing at, and combining the suitable icons, you can start communicating straight away and directly. No matter what your language or communication problem is, LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE enables you to translate language into easy to understand images and thus to make it easier to communicate.


I invested a lot of time, effort and money into the project. Producing a printed version of the booklet far exceeds my financial possibilities as a private person, which is why I decided to provide a free-of-charge PDF download of the REFUGEE EDITION. Thus allowing anybody to print out their own version of the booklet for personal, non-commercial purposes.

My team and I hope to make communication easier for as many people as possible.

My team and I hope to make communication easier for as many people as possible.

Any help at promoting LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE, be it through your network, website, blog and/or social media account, or by providing the link below, would be greatly appreciated.

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Support us with the LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE free-of-charge for refugees booklet!


Thanks to generous support, we have been able to provide 20,000 free printed copies of the booklet to aid projects both in Germany and abroad. This, however, does not come close to meeting potential demand. There are many more people fleeing from war, hunger, discrimination and poverty, because of climate change and natural disasters. These people are trying to find new homes in countries where human rights are respected and where they see the prospect of prosperity and a peaceful future.

With the goal of continuing to help these most vulnerable groups communicate more effectively, we encourage you to make your company a sponsor, either exclusively or together with other sponsors, to enable the distribution of free-of-charge copies of LANGUAGE HELPER-REFUGEE booklets to institutions of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have further questions, which we look forward to answering directly and swiftly. Any donation, as little as it may be, is very much appreciated and will be used solely for the production of the booklet.

The LANGUAGE HELPER – communicating through pictogrammes

Der LANGUAGEHELPER – REFUGEE is a project of

Der LANGUAGEHELPER - Kommunikation durch Piktogramme.


Kommunikation durch Piktokramme mit dem LANGUAGEHELPER. So überwindet man einfach alle Sprachhürden.

For companies, associations, tourism – wherever you want to overcome speaking and language barriers!

Whether for tourists, refugees or patients in need of medical help – LANGUAGE HELPER is highly versatile in all situations of language difficulty.
From cover to content – we offer you white label options that fit your respective requirements.

Feel free to contact us to individually discuss your project and to find solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach um Ihr Vorhaben individuell zu besprechen und eine Lösung für Ihre Herausforderung zu finden.


WELCOME BOOK löst Kommunikation durch eine verständliche Bildsprache. Egal ob für Reisenden, Medizinischen Notfall oder Flüchtling.

The LANGUAGE HELPER basic print version as pocket-sized booklet Basic print version



  • DIN A6 landscape format
  • 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm
  • solidly glued joints


  • Approx. 104 pages content, +4
  • High quality processing of cover and pages

500 Booklets / 3,60 EUR* 

1.000 Booklets / 3,00 EUR* 

2.500 Booklets / 2.40 EUR* 

5.000 Booklets / 1,80 EUR* 

10.000 Booklets / 1,20 EUR* 

*All prices per booklet plus 19% VAT

Other numbers/prices upon request and subject to individual agreements.


LANGUAGE HELPER (formerly CUBY HELPS/WELCOMEBOOK) is not only a useful communication aid but also has a special story. Originally developed by Berlin-based photographer Alexander Melchow on his own initiative, the concept was to help refugees and migrants on their arrival in Germany. For this the project he was honoured with the special award for communication and integration by HAUPTSTADTINITIATIVE e.V.  while it was still in the process of development.

Extensive feedback eventually convinced us to transfer this helpful communication concept to other areas of application.

Experiences & Feedback



Copyright law/media law

What is the legal situation in cases of further use re. copyright law, licensing law, design protection? LANGUAGE HELPER’s legal representative and your contact for any kind of problem mentioned above is experienced media lawyer LARS RIECK.

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